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Beastiary: A Collection of Animals, Works by Lauris Reintjes

Opening First Friday, November 3, 5-8 PM & exhibiting through November
in the Youth Gallery

Opening on First Friday, November 3, 5-8 PM
Gallery Opening is Free & Open to All, with Works Available for Purchase

The ZACC is proud to present ‘Beastiary: A Collection of Animals’, works by Lauris Reintjes, in the ZACC Youth Gallery for the month of November, opening November 3, from 5 to 8 PM. ZACC Gallery Openings are free and open to all, with works available for purchase.

As the sixth mass extinction begins to affect all life on earth, conserving animal populations becomes more urgent than ever before. Estimates show that 12-200 species are going extinct every day. This show features animals that are unrecognized or endangered due to human actions (such as the pet trade, deforestation, or traditional medicine). By sharing these animals I hope to bring greater awareness to them, their environments and aid in their conservation efforts. I hope that this collection reveals the complexity of these species as well as their beauty and helps you want to maintain their populations and habitats for future generations. I choose and discover the animals that I create by listening to podcasts about them, reading books, or traveling to places where they live. I have been lucky enough to travel to the Galapagos, Puerto Rico, as well as a variety of Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited aquariums and zoos where I have seen many fantastic creatures. After visiting tide pools in Seattle and other oceans, my focus has been attracted to marine species and the threatened and critically endangered species that abound there. I have been making small watercolors recently that are exclusively marine species that not many people know about. To make my 3-D animals I try to use scrap materials such as paper and cardboard from our recycling to make their bodies, then I make a face out of clay or hot glue, I then cut out and glue on faux fur or pleather, and I finish by painting facial features and hands, adding ears, tails or other small details. I have a list of 173 animals that I would like to make that range in size from 10 feet to 3 centimeters tall. I wish to make them all and create larger and more complex species than I have ever made before.

Lauris is an avid animal lover. In the moments he is not spending making art he can be found listening to his favorite podcast about animals or talking about the many interesting facts he’s gathered about them. A favorite hobby of his is charming Joann Fabric workers into giving him a few extra inches of faux fur. Lauris also enjoys baking and contra dancing, and will try to convince you to come (7:30, Elk’s Club, twice a month on Saturdays!!!!!!). He loves to travel and seeks AZA accredited zoos and aquariums wherever he goes. Lauris plans to use the proceeds from this show towards faux fur (as any 15-year-old would).


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