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'Zigzagging All Over the Place', Works by Ziggy Stillman

Opening First Friday, October 7, 5-8 PM & exhibiting through October
in the Youth Gallery

Gallery Opening on First Friday, October 7, 5-8 PM
In the Youth Gallery through the end of October

Ziggy Stillman is a prolific 7-year-old multimedia artist and a frequent ZACC camper.

In Ziggy’s words:
“I love making art. I create lots of different kinds of art, like sculpture, painting, and paper mache. I use primary colors and also make my own colors. When I'm working on an art piece, I get lost in it and just can't stop. It's as if time doesn't exist. I make realistic and abstract art. When I make realistic art, I listen to the world around me to get ideas. I hear something that someone says or see something that someone does, and then I want to create it in my own way. When I make abstract work, my hands just take over my whole body and I just start creating. I don’t really have a set goal, I just love the act of making art until it feels complete.”


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