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Dungeons and Dragons for Girls

Tuesdays, October 5 through November 9, 4-6 PM
ZACC Conference Room

Tuesdays | October 5 through November 9 | 4-6 PM | $125

Ready to create your own magical realm full of adventure, creative storytelling and fun hijinx? Come play DnD Club! Join experienced Dungeon Masters for a six week series on Dungeons and Dragons 101. In this in-depth, immersive experience, participants will learn the necessary skills to be a great D&D player and Dungeon Master. The course will explain the rules and basic mechanics of the game as they manifest in character development, narrative skill-building, drawing, and myriad other art forms. Dungeons and Dragons is the ancient art of story-telling alive today, where the players decide and shape the course of the story together. Besides being fun, D&D unites people in an imaginative and collaborative world where skills like creativity, teamwork, and empathy are valued most.


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