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PYOP Subscription Service

New to the ZACC! A paint-your-own-pottery subscription service, with unique, custom pieces hand-selected by ZACC staff. It's a twelve month subscription with a new selection of pottery every month, including glazes, delivered to your home with no delivery fee. Subscribers can drop off their painted pieces at the ZACC, or arrange to swap out pieces during arranged deliveries.


• Orders placed before the 25th of each month, will start delivery service the very next month. Orders placed between the 26th -  31st, will deliver a full month later. (E.g. Orders placed Dec. 1-25th will ship January, and orders placed Dec. 26th-31st will ship in February.)
• Your unglazed pottery will be delivered by ZACC staff via the ZACC van on the first week of the month, you will be given advanced notice for delivery times and dates. 
• Ready to fire? Glazed Pottery can be dropped off at the ZACC's front desk anytime during the month for firing. OR we'd be happy to pick up your glazed pottery when we drop off your next delivery.
• You will be contacted via telephone when your pottery is fired and ready to pick up. Once again, you may also choose to have us deliver this pottery with your next delivery of unfired pottery.


Why subscribe instead of placing my own order each month?
Great question! People who choose to participate in the subscription service can expect to experience the following perks:
• Discounted pricing - The value of the pottery in your package will exceed the price on your bundle.
• Exclusive Pottery -  We'll be ordering pottery that will not be available to the general public, but will be included in your subscription service!
• Pottery Delivery - Pottery delivery is only available to our monthly PYOP subscibers.
• Exclusive Tutorials - You'll receive tutorial information, created by ZACC staff, to help you explore new techniques and ideas on your pottery!

How long is the subscription service?
The subscription has a 1 year minimum committment. At the end of the year, you will be contacted to see if you would like to renew your subscription.*
*We understand life happens, and will consider premature cancellations on a case by case basis.

Can I request specific pottery?
Unfortunately, no. Each month the pottery will be selected by the ZACC team. Our decisions will be informed by (a) any upcoming holidays, (b) current pottery stock, and (c) our general feelings. :) Have suggestions? Feel free to send them to!

Am I billed automatically for the subscription service?
Yes!! Be sure to click the "Make Recurring Payment" checkbox, and you will be billed the same day every month. 



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