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CAITLIN STAINKEN | Executive Director

CAITLIN STAINKEN | Executive Director

About Caitlin:
Caitlin Stainken grew up in San Antonio, Texas, in a colorful home surrounded by art. Both of her parents were artists — her mother a ceramics and collage artist, and her father having worked in ceramics before starting his own construction business. She attended Boston College where she studied English and Painting, then moved to Chicago to live with her cousin who was a puppeteer. There, she joined the experimental theater company, the Neofuturists, where she was an ensemble member for several years. During her time with the Neofuturists, she also wrote and acted in a handful of indie films. In 2012, she and her partner moved to Missoula to build a peaceful life in a community they felt was rich in culture. In Missoula, she pursued her passion for writing and earned an MFA in fiction writing. It was through the MFA program that she was introduced to Submittable, a company that provides software for creative and philanthropic organizations. She landed a sales role in the company, which sparked a newfound interest in leadership and gave her valuable insight into the business side of these industries. Since then, she has been living in Missoula with her partner and their two amazing children.

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