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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the ZACC! Our organization thrives on the generosity of volunteers like you to help fulfill our mission. We welcome folks to help in several areas of our operation; our youth classes and rock camps, our Laura Grace Barrett Print Shop, and live events held in the Show Room at the ZACC. There are also several individual opportunities to lend a hand throughout the year like our annual Mini Show fundraiser or tabling sessions at schools and community events. 

However you would like to help out, we want you to know that we value your contribution. Therefore, those volunteers who complete at least 15 hours for the ZACC are eligible to receive a voucher valued at $25 to be used on events and classes for themselves, or events, classes or camps for family members. For each additional 10 hours, volunteers are eligible for another voucher of the same value. Vouchers may not be redeemed for retail items such as pottery, items in the shop, or gallery pieces. 

Please look at the various volunteer roles listed and send us your contact information, as well as your preferred availability (evenings after 5, Sundays, unavailable on Tuesdays, etc.), using the subsequent form. We are certain we can find a way for you to make a difference! 


  • Youth Classes/Visual Arts


    Summer: 8AM - 12PM or 1PM - 4:30PM, Monday through Friday  
    School Year:  4 - 6:30PM Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and 3 - 5:30PM on Thursdays


    • Assist the class instructor with material preparation and classroom organization for specific lessons in a diverse catalogue of artistic genres ranging from clay handbuilding to stop motion animation. 
    • Work with individuals or groups of students to help them work through the content of the lesson.
    • Assist with classroom clean up.
    • We do encourage volunteers to pick at least one camp (either one full week in the summer or 6 consecutive weekdays in the school year) and volunteer for the duration of that camp. 
  • Rock Camps


    Summer: 9:30AM - 4:30PM, Monday through Friday
    School Year: 4 - 6PM, Monday and Wednesdays or 4-6PM on Tuesdays and 3 - 5PM on Thursdays


    • Assist Rock Camp Instructors with instrument set up and the division of the group into bands. 
    • Work alongside instructors with one band or rotate among bands helping students to craft their own lyrics and guiding them in the creation of individual parts to contribute to their group’s song. Help the bands stay on task, rehearse effectively, and prepare for the final performance at the end of camp.
    • We value all levels of musical experience among our Rock Campers. For some, it will be the first time they pick up their chosen instrument and others may have already had a few years of lessons.
    • We also value myriad experience levels in our instructors and volunteers. Whether you are a professional musician or just like to play for fun, reach out if you are interested in passing along a passion for music.
  • Show Room at the ZACC


    Days Vary, Approximately 6:30 - 10:30 PM


    • Assist with Show Room set up and staging. 
    • Work in a variety of roles during live performances, such as helping bartenders, ushering, running the door, and other duties as needed.
    • Enjoy awesome music, live theatre, or other performances taking place at the ZACC.
  • Laura Grace Barrett Print Shop


    Weekdays, 1-2 Hour Blocks, 10AM - 6PM
    Weeknights, 6 - 8PM for Adult Printmaking Classes


    • Assist in print shop maintenance and cleaning.
    • Monitor print shop usage for class participants and other keyholders. 
    • Assist the Gallery and Printshop Manager with class preparation, lesson delivery, and clean up.
  • Front Desk/Paint Your Own Pottery Studio


    Weekdays, 1-2 Hour Blocks, 10AM - 6PM
    First Friday Evenings, 5 - 9PM


    • Assist with upkeep and operation of Paint Your Own Pottery Studio (clear glazing, assisting customers, etc.).
    • Help with sales of items from the studio and the ZACC Artists Shop. 
    • On First Fridays, help direct patrons to the gallery, assist with bartending, and helping the front desk employee on duty record gallery sales.
  • Special Events and Outreach


    Varied dates and times


    • Throughout the year, the ZACC has several individual events and outreach opportunities where volunteers can help spread the word about our organization and mission to cultivate community through accessible arts experiences for all. These events range from the ZACC Mini Show, our largest annual fundraiser, to tabling opportunities at local public schools. More information about these volunteer opportunities can be found via our site Menu > Shows & Events > Annual Events (select the event of your choice).

Screen Printing

Tuesdays, October 3 through October 24, 6-8 PM, Taught by Patricia Thornton
ZACC Print Shop

Tuesdays | October 3 through October 24 | 6-8 PM | ZACC Print Shop | Taught by Patricia Thornton | $125

Screen printing is super fun and can be used to print on a wide variety of surfaces including paper and fabric. In this 4 week class students will learn the history of screen printing, how to prep artwork for screens, transfer artwork onto a surface, trouble shoot, experiment and much more! All skill levels welcome, including beginners! Students who take this course will have access to the ZACC Print Shop outside of class during our regular business hours and, after the course ends, will have met the requirements for continued Print Shop access (regular Print Shop usage fees apply one full week after course ends).

Note: these materials enable students to print outside of the course as well as during class.

Beginner (Single Color) Silkscreen:
● 1 aluminum framed silkscreens 20" x 24" (please DON'T order anything smaller than this)
○ Screens available at the ZACC ($10 for used if available and $25 new)
OR has inexpensive good screens

● Packing tape
● Black acrylic water based ink
● Various printmaking papers
● Vellum for hand drawing stencils (you can also print B&W images onto transparencies)
● Mylar
○ for flap registration
○ for hand drawing stencils

Advanced Multi Color Silkscreen Materials List
● At least 2 aluminum framed silkscreens 20" x 24" (DON'T order anything smaller than this)
○ Screens available at the ZACC ($10 for used if available and $25 new)
OR has inexpensive good screens

● 5-10 tupperwares to store customized ink, go to the dollar store they have cheap ones. → Don’t use store bought food containers that had say, salsa, in them. Your ink will smell like salsa and it’s gross.
● You will need a lot of tape:
○ Masking tape
○ Scotch tape
○ Packing tape (this is used most often)
● Pins and Tabs for registration
● Vellum for hand drawing stencils (you can also print B&W images onto transparencies)
● Mylar
○ for flap registration
○ for hand drawing stencils
● Paint brushes in various sizes (synthetic watercolor/acrylic brushes work best, you don't need to purchase really nice ones)
● Exacto knife and pack of new blades for cutting Rubylith
● 2 acrylic Black paint markers, one with a fine tip and one with a large tip. Permanent markers work okay (but aren’t really opaque enough)
● Old credit card, or old safeway rewards card for removing excess ink from screens
● Various paper
-Tracing paper
-Acrylic water based inks
-Transparent Base

○ Maybe buy a few sample packs from French Paper Co. They have a line of screenprinting paper.

Recommended: An apron and a folder for handouts

Link to copy of Materials List:


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