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Yes Fest!

Monday through Friday, August 1-5, 10 AM-4 PM
ZACC Show Room/Classroom

Monday through Friday | August 1-5 | 10 AM-4 PM | Performance on Friday, August 5 | ZACC Show Room | Ages 8-16 | $265

YES Fest embraces the idea of "yes and" in theatre by saying yes to children's imaginations and bringing them to the community via a public stage. Over the course of a week, children participating in YES Fest will write, design, build, and direct a series of short plays. The festival then gives these plays to an acting ensemble made of community adult performers and leaders: asking them to say "yes and" to these creations and bring them to life through performance. YES Fest is not only fun, but educational for all ages, teaching youth skills in stagecraft, collaborative creation, and social skills — and teaching the adults of our community how to free up their creativity through the power of YES.


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