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Reduction Relief Printing 7-Week Course

Tuesdays, July 19 through August 30, 6-8 PM
ZACC Print Shop

Tuesdays | July 19 through August 30 | 6-8 PM | ZACC Print Shop | $190 | Taught by Delaney Wascherol

In this 7-week course you will learn the fundamentals of reduction relief printing. All levels of experience are welcome. Reduction is a single-block relief practice of printmaking that creates vibrant multi-color block prints. This seven-week course will introduce students to the technique of reduction block printing and guide them through making their own original print editions.

Material List

Students do not need to have their materials ready until the second week of class. You should be able to find any of the following materials locally at the UM bookstore, but they will be substantially more expensive than they are from the online retailers linked below.

Carving Tools:

When you are taking the class you can be in the ZACC any time during open hours using the carving tools that we have in the shop, but if you want to carve from home here are some options that I would recommend:

Power Grip Carving Tools

Flex Cut Carving tools


You will need to buy at least one wood block for this class. We have 6”x8” and 8”x10” Shina woodblocks available for purchase at the ZACC. If you chose to buy your block(s) elsewhere I recommend buying them online from Mclain’s Printmaking.

Printmaking Paper: Any paper specifically labeled “Printmaking Paper” will work well for this class.

Drawing Utensils and Paper: To use for planning out your print.

Other Optional Materials

Colored Block Printing Ink: We have black block printing ink that you can use while in the print shop but if you would like to work with another color then you will have to bring your own.

Transfer Paper: Blick carries the Saral brand which is great.


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