Volunteers are Missoula's Community Art Center's most important asset. As a ZACC volunteer, you make it possible for us to serve the community to the best of our ability. Volunteers are our "family" and staff, running 80% of our center, making the ZACC the largest volunteer-run organization on the Northside of Missoula.

Our Needs Now

Center Aids

 The ZACC is currently looking for center aides who commit to a session once a week, or once bi-weekly to come into the ZACC and help with our odds and ends. This work is meditative and productive. Our center aides can expect to help with pottery preparation for the kiln, organization of our community art supply room, and art projects that might include painting a tile for our donation wall, creating thank you cards, or making signs for an upcoming event. These opportunities give our volunteers a productive, arty experience in the course of their week and enrich the center greatly!

Summer Volunteers

Summertime at the ZACC is energizing, fun, colorful, and highlight-filled!  To keep up with the demand of summer the ZACC needs a team of eager, artistic, and fun-loving volunteers to assist with our 20 summer camps for youth, tabling at community events, hosting the Northside Blockparty, and keeping up with the season of pottery. 

Our volunteers enjoy the sunshine and community by tabling at various Missoula events.  They will provide an art project to the community while giving out information regarding the ZACC’s classes.  Volunteers wishing to work with young artists will have plenty of opportunities with our 20 summer camps that offer classes to artists ages 3 to 16 and are in the fields of music, art, theater, and more!

There are more ways to get involved this summer than we can count.  Reach out to us or stop in and let’s have a chat about how you can become involved with Missoula’s only non-profit arts center.

Event Planning Committee Members

The ZACC hosts a number of Annual Events each year that require extensive planning efforts, labor, and attention to details. Consider joining our committee and taking part in garnering sponsorships, decorating, and volunteering at the event! Committee members are asked to attend each weekly meeting and put in hours outside the meetings accomplishing individually assigned tasks.

Printshop Interns

The ZACC proudly provides Missoula's only public printshop. For our volunteers with a background in printmaking or a strong interest in printmaking we encourage you to become a printshop intern! Our interns learn the ins and outs of printmaking, then have hours made known to the public when they will be in the ZACC so our patrons with printshop questions have a friendly, helpful intern to turn to.

The ZACC promises to:

  1. Provide a safe, healthy, and respectful working environment in which confidentiality is always respected
  2. Provide comprehensive training and orientation offered monthly
  3. Offer volunteers with opportunities for personal enrichment, professional development and community involvement
  4. Maintain clear and reasonable expectations of volunteers and provide general oversight and management

In return, we ask that you:

  1. Attend a scheduled orientation, training, and tour of the center
  2. Choose an assignment within your abilities, interests, and time
  3. Conduct yourself in an appropriate and ethical manner at all times when interacting with visitors, staff, and board members
  4. Work an agreed number of hours on a scheduled basis that is acceptable to both you and the ZACC
  5. Notify the ZACC if you will be absent from your scheduled shift
  6. Have fun, ask questions, and take ownership of the ZACC!

Volunteer today!

Come by the center today and talk with our Volunteer Coordinator about your interests, schedule, and what involvement looks like to you!