Summer Camps

Ready For An Art Summer? Join us at the ZACC for one or many of our delightful and inspiring camps taught by experienced artists and teachers. Our 10-week long summer school covers a variety of different disciplines including drama, visual art, slapstick comedy, installation art, story-telling,costumes and games, and our AMP Music Camps!

We take special care to create the best curriculums possible with the most talented, experienced, and innovative instructors that Missoula has to offer. We accept a maximum of 12 kids in each camp in order to make sure each child gets adequate attention and quality instruction. Each camp is aimed at creating community connections, building self esteem, and helping youth to access their creative voice.

We are very excited to introduce AMP music camps. AMP (Alternatibve Music Project) is a collaboration between the ZACC and The Top Hat. Our music camps aim to break the mold of how children think about musical instruction, and campers will begin to see instruments in more creative and empowering ways, rather than intimidating and hard. Click on the descriptions to find out more!

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Start the summer off bright with a week positively full of glitter and other sun-reflective material! Campers will create both 2-D and 3-D artwork that explore how glitter, glass, and glossy finishes react with light in the space around us.

Students will learn the fundamentals of physical comedy, including how to run into walls, trip and fall, and engage in fisticuffs all in the name of having a good-old fashioned, side-splitting good time.

In this camp students will collaboratively brainstorm a story concept, location, characters, conflicts, and relationships. They will work together to create a cohesive story, using physical theatre devices and techniques that explore tempo, rhythm, sound, light, and space with the materials they have at hand.

June 29th-July 3rdMornings: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.Instructor: Garrett Bryant$90 | $80 for members*If you're a Member call for your discount!Want to create powerful, interactive art for your audience? Unlike artwork in a gallery, installation art can take place anywhere and transform an everyday place into a work of art. In this class, young artists will learn about using objects, senses, and space to build an artistic environment. Students will learn about the traditional elements of sculpture and installation art and how the two are related and different.

Storytelling is a transformative experience for both storyteller and listener. Tell Us Something brings that transformation to Missoula four times yearly and publishes a weekly podcast of the stories. Stories are true, told from memory, and are based upon a different theme at each event. This is the first workshop offered for the youth of Missoula -- the next generation of storytellers.
n this camp, boys will build self esteem through music exploration. Regardless of musical experience, campers will receive instrument instruction, form a band, write an original song, and perform at Family Friendly Friday at the Top Hat Lounge. Boys will also learn about music history, attend song-writing clinics, talk about stage presence, create flyers for their upcoming show, design a band logo and screen T-shirts, and more.
This class will explore the art of keeping a nature journal. We will learn how to document the natural beauty around us by capturing it through drawing, sketching, writing, and painting. We will take short journeys to destinations close to the ZACC to practice noticing the fine details of the world around us. We will also spend time in the classroom transforming our nature-inspired sketches into pieces of art in sketch books and on larger pieces of paper.
In this camp, we will design and build our own puppets as well as a stage set, write our own puppet show, and perform it for an audience on the last day of class.
This class will address the fundamentals involved in creating that unique art form, that we call “Cartooning”. The class will address the basics of Cartooning, including (but not limited to) constructing the head, hands and body, using simple shapes, character design, indicating expression/emotion with the feature, drawing animals, placing characters in an environment. As well as composition in cartoons, using foreground/background for emphasis, proportions and layout.
This camp is full. Feel free to call us to get on the waiting list. There is nothing quite like having a cup of tea from a cup or mug you created with your own hands! During this camp you will explore hand-building functional objects for yourself or to give as gifts! We will make fun and useful art including votive and taper-style candle holders, soap dishes, jewelry bowls, cereal and soup bowls, cups, mugs, pencil holders and so much more! Feel the creativity flow as you start with an idea, sketch it into a design, and build it out of clay. Finish your piece with a gorgeous glaze and treasure it for years to come!