This room is Missoula's best kept secret. Community members are welcome to use the supplies in the Art Supply Room, we only ask that you replace what you use or consider making a donation to the art supply fund.

A SHORT List of what we have:

Learn more about the ZACC through the eyes of the media who has worked tirelessly to keep up with our events, programming, events, and even our staff and studio artists!


The Zootown Arts Community Center is committed to providing access and assistance to those with disabilities. Unfortunately we house our arts center in a building that we do not own, so sometimes accessibility issues are not in our control. Please call our center at 406-549-7555 at anytime to ask questions or get information regarding accessibility. 


Our facility complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The access ramp directly connects to our main entrance from our parking lot on the east side of the building. 

The Zootown Arts Community Center offers 5 beautiful studio spaces to local artists.  Openings for these studios are rare and sought after - this studio has been occupied by the same artist for 8 years! 

We now have an opening for Studio #5*, a beautiful 120-square foot workspace with a brick wall, carpet, built in storage shelves, and three painted walls perfect for hanging your own work and inspiration. 

The ZACC is a dynamic space with ever-changing opportunities for artists to get involved.